Sunday, October 14, 2012

2012 end of my world

Well, it is now October, lots of things happening or have happened in the world of Jo-Jo. In June I started going back to the gym, in august Devin and I broke up, thats when my world started to crumble, he was my best friend i would have died for him.A week after that I got a Personal trainer and have been working with him two days a week. Then yesterday I lost my job. First time that i have ever been fired from a job, it sucked.

On the plus side to all this, joined a dating website a few weeks ago and have been on a few dates, went on the best first date ever on Friday, October 12th. He took me to Olive Garden, then dancing at the dance studio that he goes to. So much fun. Now today he took me to see Frankenweenie. Cute movie.

I am also down 16lbs since my first time at the gym, which puts me 4lbs for my graduation goal weight.
Now i just have to hope that I have lost some inches.

I am on the mad hunt to find a job so that I can keep my Personal trainer because I love working with him. He is a great trainer and an even better friend. Doesn't help that I have a crush on him, but I will not let that stop me from dating Joshua, sweetest man i have ever met. His parents have raised him right, I am just so afraid to tell him my past, but the past is the past and that should not matter. if he truly likes me that is then it really wont matter. He makes me so happy, but I don't want to rush this one and i just want to let whatever happens happen, but he is the guy I have been waiting for.

I hope that I find a job, so that I can save to get my own place and then we can hang out more at my place, I can make us dinner and we can watch romantic movies and just cuddle like i have always wanted too. He has some plans to surprise me on some dates, I have always wanted that. I get bored if I have to plan things, but he has some expensive things up his sleeves.