Monday, January 16, 2012


Well new things are happening this year for me, I started school at Le Cordon blue January 9th, it has been a very busy first week. Also trying to look for a job in the baking world get my feet wet and ready when September rolls around and i'll be on my way.
Hoping that when I am into the business a little bit then I can go to school for business and get my bachelors, then open my own place and make cakes for everyone and let children design there own and help make the cake.
I am also hoping that things will be changing for Devin and I as well, only time will tell.
My best friend Ashley Dianna Kraft came out to visit for 10 days and we spent every moment that we could exploring downtown and just hanging out like old times. it was a great new years, very busy end of the year, Devin got a new job, we moved into a new place and then I got a new car, so glad that things are settling down. it was just so busy. Well that is all that I have for now.