Thursday, May 17, 2012


A lot of changes have been going on in the Simon-Guerrero house hold, I started school on the 9th on January and passed I have a 3.3 GPA and now starting my second term today. Time flies when your baking.
I am excited to start International cakes, I hope that I will also be getting a new job soon since I am now down to 10 hours a week, not fair to Devin and we won't have that much money, So I hope I can find something soon!
Other exciting news Devin and I are looking at getting another Pug, this one will be older and hopefully keep Leeloo in line. We took Leeloo to a pug party for Valentines day and she got 3rd in the costume contest. Leeloo will be 9 months on the 2nd of March! She is getting so big so fast.

2012 almost halfway gone

It is now May 17th and 2012 is just flying by. I got a new job in a bakery called Shoofly Pies and I love it. I have been there for just about a month and a half. So much better then Burger King. It is so crazy. I am also a third of the way done with school , so excited. It is so nice to be on my way and into a career that I enjoy.
Devin is still loving his job and even got recommended to a new client. We have also adopted a new Pug named Oakley, he is such a daddy's boy. Really is Devin's best friend. I think that Devin would be so lost without him now. Hard to believe that Devin is my nest friend and we have only known each other for 2 years. I just feel like me around him, that is how I know that he is my soul mate, my soul is whole again,. I would be lost without him, Thanks to Jake and Valorie for bringing us together at the right time, you know what is best for us. Love you two and rest in peace!