Monday, July 15, 2013

7 months into 2013

Well it has been some time, Things are still looking up for me! I am still training 6 days a week and preparing for my first 5k in 5 days!!! I am also doing Biggest loser tho I lost only 4lbs this time. I just need to work on my diet. FOOD is such an enemy!!!!!
 David and I are still going strong, Love him more and more each and everyday, he supports me in everything I do, he is even trying to start working out!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

2013 and Jodie 2.0 Back in action

Well a new year has begun and many things have changed. No Joshua in my life, he was crazy and saying that he would kill himself to be with me, he also said that he loved me when we had only known each other for a day.

On the plus side, I now have been at Panera Bread as a night baker for 4 months.

On Christmas I started dating David Jason Morrison, He is truly the man of my dreams, he misses me as much as I miss him and he has the same cheesy romantic sense as I do and I love it. Finally the man of my dreams right here all mine, I love him so much.

In December I got a roommate and we live in the apartment that Devin and I rented a year ago, Her name is Pamela Mccall, she is so far a great friend. I got her in the gym with me and she now has the same trainer as me Gareth Whiteley.

Speaking of training I had to stop paying because my rent is mostly where my checks go to and also my gas and a few other bills. So i have only been able to pay every other month and not every other week. I only get one training session a month with him that is free and that is not really helping me. So I finally paid for more and I will get six this month. I started bootcamp, and i try to go 2 days a week but sometimes I am in Burlington, but now I have to cancel that because I need to start saving money for a new apartment.  I no longer have a crush on Gareth, I just see him as a great friend/brother. I am going to be training with him again once a week and I am so excited.

I have a new friend name Liz and she is a great workout buddy, that is actually how we met. And now we meet at the gym everyday other then Thursdays when she has PT for the Marines. We do bootcamp and also so buddy training together when we can.